Dolcett Girls Forum Sucks!

I'm not the "vengeful" person usually.   BUT, after my experience (and from many others) the place is a haven for liars, wannabe veterans, and ALOT of unamerican thinking people.
I was ready to donate $100 to the forum, as I was constantly told that I really had no right to complain unless I was a "Council Member".    After being derided as much as I was, I decided to donate the money to Colt and put this page up to try and warn others.

If you happen to point out that someone lied, or wrongfully accused someone of something, you get drawn on the carpet for even thinking of it by the "friends" of the individual.
You're asked for proof, you give it, and then are called a liar, whining, playing "victim", and overall harrassed for your efforts.

Rufus, a member there, is an egotisical liar who constantly wishes he was the vietnam vet he says he is.   He spouts that he supports veterans BUT in the same breath demonizes them by calling them liars and felons.    He has absolutely no common sense, hates America, and anyone who disagrees with him.    A prime example was when he was extremely happy when Chris Kyle died.   He's stated that snipers are cowards.
UPDATE!!  It has been discovered through investigation, that Rufus IS NOT the Vietnam vet he claims to be!   He has also erased his posts pertaining to his statements and is denying he ever said them.   At least he's staying true to his personality...LIAR

Rufus has stated that if you don't like Obama's policys, you're a racist.  BUT, if you don't like Carson's proposed policys, you just don't like his position.   Shows that Rufus is a liar..AGAIN!

He's also stated that Travis Mills got what he deserved.

RoseRedReady, also a member there, smeared another member and then lied about things they supposedly did.   When proof was given to her lies, she "hid out" on the forum and ignored the proof.    She also, let all her "friends" stand up for her when all she had to do is admit her fault.   I even offered to publicly apologize and leave the forum IF she would address the proof I presented and disprove all of them, which she never did.    So, by hiding, she managed to dodge the truth.    She abhors anyone who believes in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Founding Fathers.   She also was estatic when Chris Kyle died.

Boyo, another member there, will not listen to reason at all.   He refuses to read your proof and does nothing but call names, smear, UNLESS you agree with him.   Another prime example of the ignorant and ill informed, brain washed left.   Believes in a Police State where the government tells you how to live your life and disarms you so only the police and army are armed.  A pitiful individual.

The user known as Jack is a person who sincerely believes he knows it all about everything.
In reality, he knows nothing, when confronted with knowledge he doesn't have, he resorts to the same name calling and elitism that he's ssooo good at.    Says he was in the military, but doesn't know the difference between a clip and a magazine, or the difference between semi and full auto.

The moderator of the forum, Perro Loco, seems to be a decent man, BUT, he supports these individuals (and others) at the expense of the truth.    Evidently, he'd rather support a liar than confront it.   Obviously he doesn't care about the truth and would rather support lies.

There isn't any "Real" interesting content on Dolcett Girls Forum.  It basically has been taken over by some user called "Amy" and it's basically boring.
This Adage holds true for the majority of the people there,
"Some Drink From the Fountain of Knowledge, Others Gargle"

So, if you enjoy being harrassed, smeared, called names, and generally have a debased experience, AND you hate America, join Dolcett Girls Forum.

A PRIME example of how Dolcett Girls Forum works
Colt put this page up for me,
and soon after it was discovered by them, all his domains, sub-domains were hacked into and infected.    This shows they (DGF) doesn't care about opinion....unless you agree with them.
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